Orange Tree

Grape Varieties: Zalema  | Capacity: 75cl. | Alcohol: 15%  | Type: Orange Wine D.O.

Temperature Service: Between 10 and 11 degrees.

Tasting Notes: Colour golden mahogany due to its long ageing in butts. Aromas complex and lingering with distinctive notes of bitter orange together with roasted sugar, caramel and dried fruit aromas as well as hints of fine oak. Mouthfeel velvety with flavours of bitter orange together with dried fruit and vanilla notes. Elegant and delicate.

Description: Oloroso wines (produced with Zalema, the indigenous grape of Condado de Huelva) fortified with Pedro Ximénez wines (sweet wines produced with grapes dried out in the sun) aged through the traditional process of “criaderas” and “soleras” for more than 10 years and then macerated 2 years with organic orange peel from Seville (Citrus Aurantium).