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Brandy Caramelo

Capacity: 70cl. | Alcohol: 30%  | Type: Brandy.

Temperature Service: Between 5 and 7 degrees & on the rocks.

Tasting Notes: Bright and brilliant golden amber colour. Well-balanced aromas with an elegant bouquet, distinctiveof the best Spanish brandies. Spicy notes of cinnamon and vanilla together with hints of toffee (caramel). Round, balanced and full-bodied with hints of toasted oak and dried fruit. Elegant and velvety mouthfeel with a distinctive flavour of fine caramel.

Description: This fine brandy is the basis of our genuine “Brandy Caramelo The First”. Respecting the purest recipe, we use a traditional pot to reduce grape juice to get a natural caramel. This refined caramel is added to our brandy to then age for at least another six months in the same butts. Process through which we get the perfect balance of this First and Unique Caramelized Brandy of the world.